Changing customer demographics, rapid technological advances, and emerging data sources are transforming how life insurers are managing risk. Meanwhile, underwriting, actuarial, and claims teams are increasingly being asked to deliver
more with less.

How can your organization keep up?


Agile is profitable.

Those who can rapidly adapt to shifting customer expectations and capitalize on innovative digital solutions to inform decision-making will be most likely to thrive in the evolving life insurance marketplace.

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Know your risk concentration to face the unexpected.

Excess mortality impacts can span your policy and asset portfolios. From pandemics to terrorist attacks, these shocks can far exceed standard actuarial assumptions. See how a Verisk Concentration of Risk Analysis (CoR) could help you prepare.

Versatile claims solutions for life, disability, and LTC

Our ISO ClaimSearch tools—based on more than 1.5 billion records—can help uncover fraud and streamline life, disability, and long term care operations from sales to claims. You can also efficiently comply with regulations related to OFAC and child support enforcement. And contact us about potential unclaimed equity/property use cases.

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Data drives growth—if you know how to use it.

Verisk has a long history of building and delivering innovative insurance solutions that help solve industry challenges. Our extensive data assets and advanced analytic capabilities can help support your stable and profitable growth.

What can you build with Verisk's life solutions?

Verisk offers a holistic suite of solutions—from submissions to claims.




Take your life insurance business to new heights.

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