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We’ve been making the future more certain for half a century.

In 1971, we opened our doors as an insurance rating bureau, focusing on risk analytics and insights. Since then, we’ve grown to become a valued source of insights that can drive recovery and transform industries, and even governments, worldwide.

The world needs a trusted, standard setter of the highest integrity and competence, with the courage to take the lead in helping entire industries, not just companies, to advance. We believe in the need for data analytics and technology companies to step up to advance the world and make a significant positive impact.

  • Scott Stephenson
  • Verisk Chairman, President & CEO

Each and every day, we’re enabling better tomorrows.

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Each and every day, we’re enabling better tomorrows.

Verisk works in collaboration with our customers and at the intersection of people, data, and advanced technologies. Through proprietary platformed analytics, advanced modeling, and interpretation, we deliver immediate and sustained value to our customers and through them, to the individuals and societies they serve, with greater speed, precision, and scale.

The Verisk Way: Our Guiding Principles

We’re committed to serving our customers with the highest level of quality, service, and innovation in all we do. That’s The Verisk Way™.

We believe in the potential of business to change the world for the better.

At Verisk, we take our responsibility toward our people, products, processes, communities, and the planet seriously. And we ethically and relentlessly pursue innovation to help move our customers and the world forward.

Our company is a great place to work. And to do work that matters.

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Our company is a great place to work. And to do work that matters.

For the sixth consecutive year, Verisk received U.S. certification from Great Place to Work®. Globally, we’re more than 9,000 people strong, all of us on a mission to achieve both profitable outcomes and positive societal impact.