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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Each Other

At Verisk, we have a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our workplace and marketplace. It’s fundamental to our culture and our values. It’s part of everything we do—from how we serve our customers to how we build our workforce. To fulfill this vision, we hire people from different backgrounds and experiences to help us create better solutions, make better decisions, and serve our customers. We believe that having varied perspectives helps generate innovative ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing—and increasingly diverse—world.

We embrace D&I as a business imperative. Across our Diversity and Inclusion Council and all of Verisk, we share this commitment and come together to act with purpose and a global mindset for our customers, our people, and our suppliers.

The Verisk D&I Council

We Are One Verisk

We hold a deep belief in the power of bringing your whole self to work—allowing our employees to flourish in an open, inclusive environment. Here's what our employees are saying about what D&I at Verisk means to them.

Jaun Pablo

Juan Pablo L.

Research Analyst
Mexico City, Mexico

“Diversity and inclusion, to me, means creating a secure place for all employees to feel comfortable and be themselves. Our inclusive culture goes beyond work-related matters. It encompasses supporting others and making everyone feel welcome.”

Tammora Warren 2

Tammora W.

D&I Global Employee Networks Lead Specialist
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

“Inclusion is about having a safe space for people to feel like they can be their true, authentic selves without any judgment. It's an environment where all voices matter and diversity of thought can be celebrated and leveraged to solve complex problems, achieve business goals, and meet customer needs.”

Matthew Moshiri

Matthew M.

President, Verisk Maplecroft
Bath, UK

“D&I is about fostering an environment where everyone feels they can truly be themselves, be at their best, and continuously thrive. It’s also about harnessing the power that diversity brings to Verisk, from challenging what we think we know to accelerating innovation.”

Indumathi Sagyari

Indumathi S.

Team Lead
Hyderabad, India

“For me, D&I at Verisk means growth in relationships among diverse and inclusive work cultures, acquiring new knowledge, being able to express yourself, and feeling safe and comfortable.”

Women Making History

We’re celebrating just a few of the talented women who are leading innovation and transformative work at Verisk—work that is reshaping industries we serve and driving businesses forward. Read more about these incredible leaders here.

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Communities of Belonging

Our Employee Networks help foster a diverse and inclusive culture where every voice is heard and valued. They build a sense of community—and provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, professional development, attracting like-minded teammates, and fun.

Explore our diverse career opportunities and how you can make a difference.